Webinar GE-HEI | Videos and presentations already available

Webinar GE-HEI – Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions, hosted by CIEG/ISCSP-ULisbon, took place on 16, 17 and 19 November 2020.

The Opening Session featured João Sobrinho Teixeira (Secretary of State of Science, Technology and Higher Education), Ricardo Ramos Pinto (President of ISCSP-ULisbon), Ângela Noiva (DGES) and Anália Torres (Coordinator of the Project and CIEG’s Coordinator).

Two keynote speakers participated in the Webinar, Thomas Smidt (RIKK), who presented contributions from the Icelandic project partner, and Rosemary Deem (Royal Holloway, Univ. of London), scientific consultant of the Project, who presented on the United Kingdom experience.
The following sessions presented preliminary results of the ongoing research. The two sessions on 16 November featured Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor and Pedro Matias (from A3ES), and CIEG’s team, represented by Rui Brites (GE-HEI, ISCTE-IUL) and Bernardo Coelho (GE-HEI, CIEG/ISCSP-ULisbon). The session on 17 November featured Anália Torres (GE-HEI, CIEG/ISCSP-ULisbon), Paula Campos Pinto (GE-HEI, CIEG/ISCSP-ULisbon), Diana Maciel (GE-HEI, CIEG/ISCSP-ULisbon) and Ellen Theodoro (research assistant in the project).
On the last day, the Opening Session featured Sandra Ribeiro (President of CIG) and was followed by two roundtables with the presence of Coordinators of ongoing and finished Equality Plans in Higher Education Institutions in Portugal, namely: Amélia Augusto (UBI), Lígia Amâncio (ISCTE-IUL), Elsa Fontainha (ISEG-ULisboa), Mónica Lopes (UC), Elvira Fortunado (NOVA), Maria Lucinda Fonseca (IGOT-ULisboa) and Teresa Carvalho (UA). The Closing Session featured Rosa Monteiro (Secretary of State for Equality and Citizenship), Ângela Noiva (DGES) and Anália Torres (Coordinator of the Project and CIEG’s Coordinator).
The Project Ge-HEI, funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021, is promoted by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES). The project’s operating organisation is the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) and the study is being developed by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (CIEG), in partnership with RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference at the University of Iceland and A3ES – Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education.
The videos and presentations are available in the project website.