Gender in debate

On 9 May, at 6pm, another session of the Gender in Debate Cycle took place. Under the theme “Feminisms and LGBTQI+: encounters and mismatches”. Paulo Côrte-Real (former Chairman of ILGA Portugal) and Manuela Tavares (UMAR) were the invited guest speakers,…
With Public Prosecutor Viriato Reis from Centre for Judicial Studies and Professor Dália Costa team member of the study “Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the workplace” , developed by CIEG-ISCSP, and promoted by CITE. Moderation by Maria João Cunha. November…
With Regina Célia Barbosa (Instituto Maria da Penha) and Sofia Neves. 

Parenthoods and parental responsibilities II

Monday, 14 December 2015 16:51
With Maria do Céu Cunha Rêgo and Margarida Mesquita (ISCSP-ULisboa). April 29th, 2015.

Parenthoods and parental responsibilities I

Sunday, 13 December 2015 16:51
With Paulo Guerra, Judge (CEJ) and Ana Marciano, jurist (UMAR). March 5th, 2015

Medically assisted procreation

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 16:51
With Alexandre Quintanilha, (ICBAS) and Isabel Leal (ISPA-UL), moderated by Diana Andriga. November 11th, 2014.