ALLINTERACT: Widening and Diversifying Citizen Engagement in Science


CIEG is partner in the research project “ALLINTERACT: Widening and Diversifying Citizen Engagement in Science”, awarded with a H2020 grant. The general goal of the project is twofold: on the one hand, to create new knowledge about how to transform potential citizen participation in science into actual engagement in scientific research. On the other hand, to unveil new ways to engage societal actors, including young citizens and groups that have traditionally been excluded from science.

The consortium is coordinated by the University of Barcelona (Spain) in partnership with the University of Helsinki (Finland), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands), Universita’Degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (Italy), Institute of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal), the Chancellor, masters and scholars of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and the European Parents Association (Belgium).

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