DECIDE - Disability and self-determination: the challenge of Independent living in Portugal

DECIDE researched the living conditions and the social inclusion of disabled people in Portugal in light of the already consolidated international proposals under the concept of “independent living”.
This was a 36 months research project (June 2016 – May 2019), and involved an experienced multidisciplinary research team coordinated by Fernando Fontes.

What is “independent living”?
Independent Living means “All disabled people having the same choice, control and freedom as any other citizen – at home, at work, and as members of the community.”
(Barnes and Mercer, 2006: 33)

Expected results:
DECIDE assessed the possibilities and advantages of a transformation of the living and support conditions of disabled people in Portugal. We analyzed the feasibility and sustainability of "independent living" in our society. We seeked to contribute to an appropriate and informed redefinition of disability policies in Portugal.

Bruno Sena Martins
Ema Loja
Fernando Fontes (coord)
Joana Alves
Mónica Lopes
Paula Campos Pinto
Sílvia Portugal