Poliksena Hardalova


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  • Nome Poliksena Hardalova
  • Investigador/a Collaborator
  • Faculdade ESE
  • Universidade Univ. Porto

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Poliksena Hardalova, a Bulgarian and Portuguese citizen, was a professor for 15 years at the National Academy of Theater and Cinema at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, where she completed her PhD in theater sciences. Co-founder of the social theater company TSVETE THEATRE in 1994 in Bulgaria, she has participated in numerous projects in the Balkans, Europe and the USA. She researches and intervenes in the areas of social and educational theater and is a trainer of applied arts, theater and puppetry, Forum Theater and Theater of the Senses. Invited Adjunct Professor at ESE do Porto, she collaborates with ESMAE, both from IPP, teaching undergraduate and masters degrees. She is artistic director and supervisor of the technical team at the Escola de Segunda Oportunidade de Matosinhos.