Emília Ferreira


Additional Info

  • Nome Emília Ferreira
  • Investigador/a Collaborator
  • Faculdade FCSH
  • Universidade NOVA

(Lisbon, 1963) Major in Philosophy (FLL), Master and Doctor in Contemporary Art History (FCSH/NOVA)). Integrated researcher at IHA/FSCH/NOVA and associated researcher at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project (University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), and at CIEG/ISCSP-ULisboa.

Art Historian, lecturer, curator, art educator, fiction writer. Since December 2017, she is the Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon).

Author of, among   other volumes, Paula Rego. Rehearsal. Essay on Love (2019), Lisboa em Festa. The retrospective exhibition of Portuguese and (Spanish Ornamental Art, 1882. Antecedents of a Museum (2017), Paula Rego or Alice's Vertigo (2011), 10 volumes on Modern and Contemporary Art: My first collection, first Portuguese collection on the subject destined to young readers (2014), as well as hundreds of texts on museums, education, gender issues, Portuguese art and artists, dictionary entries and chapters in national and international books. Co-editor with Raquel Henriques da Silva and Joana d'Oliva Monteiro, of the Dictionary Who’s who in Portuguese museology. Lisbon: Art History Institute of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences/Nova, 2019 and 2021 and co-editor with Carlos João Correia of Aesthetics, Art and Intimacy. Lisbon, CFUL, 2021.