Thank you message

Dear colleagues,

It was a privilege for us to welcome nearly 200 participants from different nationalities and disciplines who attended and contributed to the enormous success of CIEG’s II International Congress.

We thank the authors of the 155X presentations, the speakers of the plenary sessions, semi-plenary sessions and roundtables, the moderators and discussants, for their presentations and comments, which led to a rich and inspiring debate. We thank all participants for the important exchange of experiences and results of their research.

This event reinforced the international reputation and the academic tradition that we aim to attain with organizing CIEG’s Congresses. This year’s Congress contributed decisively to the scientific debate, the vitality and to strengthening Gender, Feminist and Women Studies, at a moment when Gender Equality issues face global attacks.

We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Lisbon, and we hope you can be with us again in 2022.

Anália Torres