Testimonies from the participants of the Specialized Course on Gender Equality

3rd Edition of the Specialized Course

Lúcia Santos

The participation on the 3rd Edition of the Specialized Course on Gender Equality enriched me deeply professionally and personally. As a superior technician of a local municipality, the knowledge acquired through this course is a valuable tool for the designing of the action plans and documents adequate to the local context, which promote gender equality in every domain of action of the municipality. On a personal level, it was wonderful to share this learning experience with such qualified professors and amazing classmates from diverse backgrounds, professionally, academically and geographically. 

Lúcia Santos
Superior Technician (Sociology)
Lagos' Municipality


Paula Cosme Pinto

The participation on the 3rd Edition of the Specialized Course was highly enriching both on a personal and professional level. This course happened to not only contribute to entrench the knowledge on gender equality I already had but also to estimulate my capacity for reflection, argumentation and critical analysis. I would like to emphasize the earnest and level of professional experience of the academic staff and board, which was relentless when it came to clarify any questions as well as in providing complementary information. The multidisciplinary group of students, who came from various professional areas, was deeply advantageous, with the professors and trainers incentivating the debate and sharing of ideas and experiences among the group. As a woman, citizen, feminist and communication professional, I recommend this specialized course to everyone who as any interest in deepening knowledge on this issues. 

Paula Cosme Pinto
Author of the chronicle A Vida de Saltos Altos (Expresso)


2nd Edition of the Specialized Course 


The participation on the 2nd Edition of the Specialized Course on Gender Equality was significantly fruitful both professionally and personally, not only due to the higly qualified professors/trainers but also the the program contents. Working on Gender Equality and everything wth it related recquires capacity for reflection and deep knowledge on the history of feminism, which was accomplished with the contribution of everyone who participated on the specialized course, coming from different areas. 

Ana Guerreiro
Criminologist and Researher at UMAR; Professor at ISMAI


IMG 4693 2

I would like to congratulate CIEG on the organization of this course, which surpassed my expecations. It was very estimulating to reflect and rethink gender equality from various approachs, discussing and questioning this issues with an academic staff of excelence. Being able to articulate the knowledge acquired in this course with the things I work with on a daily basis was a significantly positive point. I recommend this specialized course, not only as a professional added value, but also due to the serious and solidate teaching, which promotes critical thinking and strengthens the activist fight for equality of rights. 

Joana Marteleira
Technician at Comissão para a Cidadania e a Igualdade de Género- CIG

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An enriching experience in every level, not only academically, on account of the trainers/professors' competence, and the interest and social relevance of the issues discussed, but also for the opportunity to debate with such interlecutors themes of personal importance. As a feminist woman, dedicated to the promotion of gender equality, I highly recommend this specialized course.

Vera Sacramento
Capazes' Vice-President and screenwriter


1st Edition of the Specialized Course 


The Specialized Course on Gender Equality add to reinforce base knowledge for my intervention as technician of the Centro de Cultura e Intervenção Feminista da UMAR. On a personal level, the certification by ISCSP-iFOR adds value to my CV, and as an activist it is always of importance to reconcile learning/research wih action in order to promote Gender Equality.

Ana Isabel Cansado
Technician of the Centro de Cultura e Intervenção Feminista da UMAR (2017)



As a technician in a public entity for policies on equality, with 15 years of experience in the equality area, I enroled in CIEG's specialized course with little expectations, thinking I wouldn't learn (almost) nothing new. I couldn't be more mistaken. Reflecting and debating with dis group of professors/trainers and classmates was a highly gratifying and enriching experience. The greatest learning I take is that there is not a virtual reality nor digital library that substitutes the exchange of experiences in an academic context. If I could I would do a course like this every year. Thank you CIEG.

João Paiva
Coordinatior of the Núcleo de Cidadania e Igualdade de Género da CIG - Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género



It was with great satisfation that I took part of the 1st Edition of the Specialized Course on Gender Equality, organized by ISCSP-iFOR and with the support of CIEG.

Through the discussion of various issues, from discrimination to gender violence, from traffic to sexual exploration, from sexual harrassment to work valorization, from feminine genital mutilation to early marriage, from participation to women's lidership in every level of decision making, and other themes; the 1st Edition of the Specialized Course promoted the comprehension and discussion of these issues, according to the various experiences and contexts of the participants. 

It represented an important tool for the awarness of the role each one can offer, be it in an individual or institution level, in order to promote the accomplishment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, aiming at a just and developed society.

A big thank you to ISCSP, for the iniciative, to Professor Anália Torres, Professor Dália Costa, to the trainers and the students of the 1st Edition of the Specialized Course!

Edite Ten Jua
Former Minister for Justice, Public Administration and Parliementary Bussinesses of the Democratic Republic of S. Tomé e Princípe


The specializes course was very interesting and brought my attention to new issues around Gender Equality.

It promoted an important reflection on various themes and oppened way to new research and search for knowledge. It was very enriching both on a professional and personal levels. It contributed to new approaches with the people I work with and others around me.

Maria Amélia Pardal
Vereadora das Obras, Planeamento, Administração do Território, Desenvolvimento Económico e Arte Contemporânea da Câmara Municipal de Almada entre 2009 e 2017