Specialised Training Course on Gender Equality

CIEG developed a Specialised Training course on Gender Equality, with a total of 60hrs, that had its 1st edition in October 2016. The number of candidates for this Course exceeded all expectations wherefore there was a 2nd edition of the Course right after the 1st one, beginning in March 2017. In response to a very high demand a 3rd edition began in January 2018. This Course reached over 75 persons so far, including representatives from national and local government bodies, the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG), staff from several Ministries, from the armed forces, policy makers with responsibility over public policies and action plans and from the main NGO´s and women's rights organisations in Portugal. This Course aims to offer participants an opportunity to reflect on gender issues and enhance their critical thinking as well as develop a deeper understanding and gain some practical skills on gender equality and social justice issues. It is also expected that the participants will acquire resources and skills to develop accurate assessments and analyses of their own organizations as a basis to build a more equal context based on gender mainstream in public policies and gender action plans.